Certified by Panopto. Guaranteed by Matrox.

Matrox Maevex 6020 & Panopto Integration

Panopto’s best-in-class video capture solution in a compact, whisper-quiet Matrox appliance.

Dual-channel 1080p60 video capture.

When and where you need it.

The Maevex 6020 from Matrox makes it easy to live stream and record multiple simultaneous 1080p HD video sources. The recordings are encoded and ready for use without any quality loss or time loss. And without the need for cloud transcoding, videos are made available to your audience much faster, and at the highest possible quality.

Panopto’s Remote Recorder dashboard offers users an easy-to-use web-based interface for scheduling video recordings and live webcasts from any location. All videos captured by the Maevex 6020 appliance are automatically published to your secure Panopto video library, which makes simplifies video sharing and provides a seamless playback experience for viewers.

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Reliable. No interruptions. Complete administrator control.

It’s never been easier to capture presentations, lectures, events, and more. With Maevex 6020, you can record, pause, resume and stop via front-facing buttons, RS232 commands from your preferred control system, or Panopto’s online video platform. The included software gives administrators total control over flexible setup options; it also enables them to monitor the devices remotely and manage firmware updates from one central location.

Low maintenance and fully autonomous, this dedicated appliance requires no third-party or operating system control, so presentations and scheduling will never be affected by unexpected system updates or reboots. Recordings of multiple resolutions per channel are recorded simultaneously to the device’s solid-state memory, ensuring recordings aren’t lost in the case of a network failure.

Compact. Quiet. Easy to deploy.

Matrox Maevex 6020 comes pre-configured to work as a Panopto Remote Recorder out of the box. Each unit is pre-built by Matrox and easily connects to your Panopto server through a one-time setup process: simply connect the appliance to your network, plug in your HDMI video sources, and you’re ready to:

  • Capture: Panopto’s Remote Recorder dashboard enables you to schedule video recordings and live webcasts from anywhere using an intuitive web-based interface.
  • Share: All videos captured by the appliance are automatically published to Panopto’s video management system, where they can be shared securely and played on any device.
  • Search: Panopto’s unique Smart Search technology enables you to search inside your videos and fast-forward to any word spoken or shown.

With low power usage and whisper-quiet operation, this purpose-built device is ideal for any campus, enterprise, conference room, or mobile application. And its compact 1U ½ rack size means it can fit into any rack mount, under a podium or desk, or anywhere you need.

Video Content Management For Higer Education

Secure and manage videos in Panopto.

Every video recorded with your Matrox appliances is automatically uploaded to Panopto’s secure video management system, where it’s encoded for optimized playback on any device and indexed for inside-video search. What’s more, Panopto integrates with single sign-on (SSO) ID management solutions including Google Apps, oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, so you can easily manage who in your organization is able to view what, at scale.

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