Manage, Search, And Share Your GoToMeeting Recordings

GotoMeeting & Panopto Integration

Automatically upload GoToMeeting recordings to a secure video library where videos are easy to search and easy to share.

A better way to manage GoToMeeting recordings.

GoToMeeting gives you the ability to record your meetings, capturing audio, video, screen shares, PowerPoint slides, or other content you might share during a video conference. But what happens with that recording after the meeting is finished?

If you’re like most organizations, your GoToMeeting recordings get saved to a designated folder, often never to be seen again. Panopto’s GoToMeeting integration helps you make sure that doesn’t happen.

With Panopto, you can set your GoToMeeting recordings to automatically upload to your private video library, where important conversations can be found with a simple search, shared securely throughout the organization, and played back on any device.

Search for and navigate to relevant video content inside meeting recordings with Panopto's GoToMeeting integration

Find important GoToMeeting conversations instantly.

So you recorded a GoToMeeting call. A few weeks later, you need to revisit one specific piece of information that was mentioned during that hour-long meeting — that’s a lot of conversation to sift through (or sit through) just to find two minutes of relevant discussion. There has to be a better way.

With Panopto’s Smart Search technology, there is.

Smart Search is the industry’s most comprehensive AI-powered video search engine. It automatically indexes every word spoken and every word shown on screen in every GoToMeeting recording so you can search the content within the video just like you would your email. Panopto’s GoToMeeting integration gives you the ability to find relevant meeting recordings in seconds and even instantly fast forward right to the specific moments you were looking for in each video.

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With Panopto’s GoToMeeting integration, it’s easy to share your meeting recordings securely inside and outside of your organization

Share GoToMeeting recordings securely with just a few clicks.

With Panopto’s GoToMeeting integration, it’s easy to share your meeting recordings securely inside and outside of your organization.

Whether you need to share a GoToMeeting recording with people who couldn’t attend or simply want all of the collaborators to be able to reference the conversation later, you can share it with Panopto just as easily as you can share videos on YouTube — but with significantly more control over who has access, both in and outside of your organization.

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Convert GoToMeeting video recordings for playback on mobile or any device

Automatically convert GoToMeeting calls for playback on any device.

Panopto automatically transcodes your GoToMeeting recordings to ensure they can be played back on any device from any location. Give your team the ability to replay calls on their desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device — Panopto detects the viewer’s device, browser, and video streaming capabilities to deliver an optimized playback experience with minimal buffering, every time.

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Customize the way your organization manages GoToMeeting recordings with Panopto's developer APIs

Customize the way your organization manages GoToMeeting recordings.

Panopto’s video platform includes APIs that enable your developers to programmatically upload your recorded GoToMeeting calls securely to the cloud. Using the APIs and easy-to-use sample code, video conference calls can be ingested in real-time, uploaded in batch, or captured through the use of watch folders.

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Edit, cut, or splice together GoToMeeting recordings with Panopto's online video editor

Edit GoToMeeting recordings.

Before you share with the rest of your organization, you can use Panopto’s video editing tools to remove casual conversations at the beginning of a GoToMeeting call, cut out off-topic conversations in the middle, or trim it down to only one important discussion. You can even add in extra video commentary or splice together multiple calls on the same topic.

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