D2L Brightspace & Panopto Integration

Panopto is the easiest way to support video in your Brightspace LMS, ensuring classroom recordings can be found right where people expect them.

Create, upload, manage, and view without leaving Brightspace.

Panopto’s free Brightspace by D2L integration brings video directly to the Brightspace interface. Instructors can add and manage their video files inside their familiar Brightspace classroom folders. And live webcasts and on-demand recordings can be linked or embedded as Brightspace course content, where students can watch on any laptop or mobile device.

Instant provisioning and automatic publishing.

The Panopto Brightspace integration enables you to automatically provision courses, individually or in batch. Instructors are automatically made Panopto creators, and students become viewers. Panopto recordings and webcasts automatically publish to the associated Brightspace course, and can also be embedded directly into Brightspace by an instructor.

Synchronized single sign-on with user-specific analytics.

Once a student or faculty member has authenticated in Brightspace, they’ll automatically log in to all Panopto applications. Panopto utilizes rolling synchronization that references your current class lists each time a user authenticates. Once logged in, Panopto’s analytics tools track user viewing behavior, so instructors always know who’s watched what.

Help students study smarter. Smart Search, integrated.

More than just an embedded player, Panopto’s Brightspace integration includes our industry-best Smart Search video search engine. With Smart Search, students can find and instantly fast-forward to any word spoken or shown on-screen in any class recording — even search across the entire class library for the most relevant moments.