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Canvas & Panopto

Record, upload and manage video content.

Panopto provides the most complete support for video in Canvas LMS. Whether it’s a lecture, a flipped class, or a student assignment, Panopto allows Canvas users to capture videos directly from the LMS. Panopto’s recording software automatically configures itself for easy setup, and live webcasts can be created with just one extra click. And videos recorded with other applications can be uploaded by simple drag-and-drop.

Record, manage and upload video content with Panopto's Canvas integration

“Integrating Panopto with Canvas almost makes the technology transparent. Now students can just click a link or download a video podcast to watch later, and no matter where they are or what device they’re on, the video just works.”

Michael McCurdy, Instructional Technology Specialist, Seminole State College

Students can easily watch videos and record assessments.

With Panopto, videos can be included anywhere in the Canvas LMS, and played back on-demand on any laptop or mobile device. From any embedded video, students can launch the full interactive Panopto video player to access captions, notes, and search. And with Panopto’s dropbox functionality, students can securely submit their own video assignments to a private folder where the instructor can review them and provide feedback.

Easily publish and provision video course content with Panopto in Canvas

Easily provision and publish course video content.

The Panopto Canvas integration enables you to automatically provision courses, individually or in batch. Instructors are automatically made Panopto creators, and students become viewers. Panopto recordings and webcasts automatically publish to the associated Canvas course, and can also be embedded directly into a Canvas page by an instructor.

“We had expected the big hurdle would be integrating Panopto with our LMS, Instructure Canvas. But I can tell you, this was one of the best I’ve ever done. We did everything on a single phone call. I had pulled together all the information we needed, and in an hour or so, one of the members of the Panopto support team and I just sat down and integrated all 34 of our member colleges. It was great.”

Mark Carbon, Operations Manager, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
Panopto's interactive quizzes integrate with Canvas' gradebook

Canvas Gradebook integration.

Integrate Panopto’s interactive video quizzes into your Canvas LMS. Instructors can add Panopto videos with interactive quizzes to assignments and track student results directly within Canvas’s Gradebook. With this integration, students can also see their video quiz results from within Canvas.

Single sign-on with rolling sync.

Once a student or faculty member logs into Canvas, they’ll automatically log in to Panopto as well. With rolling synchronization, Panopto always references your current class lists to understand which students have access to each class.

Help students study smarter.

Panopto’s Canvas integration includes our industry-leading Smart Search video search engine. With Smart Search, students can find and instantly fast-forward to any word spoken or shown on-screen in any class recording.

Integrate Canvas with Panopto now.