A free video and screen recorder for any presentation.

Can’t decide whether to record your presenter, their subject, their slides, or their screen? Don’t!

Instead, open Panopto’s video and screen recorder and select any combination of camera feeds, slideshows, or screens to share — Panopto records up to four video streams simultaneously, automatically synchronized, in brilliant high-definition. Launch Panopto right from your desktop web browser, with nothing to install and nothing to update. 

There’s no easier way to create and share a complete video presentation — with no content trade-offs, no complicated production, and no editing magic required.

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Recording a presentation and power point slides with Panopto video recording software

Powerful, scalable desktop recording and live video streaming.

Panopto comes complete with dedicated video recording and live streaming solutions for Windows, Mac, and iOS. It’s the only video presentation software that can handle virtually any recording task, no matter how simple or complex. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes. Yet it’s powerful enough for AV teams to stream professional-quality, multi-camera presentations, or even live video.

For large organizations, Panopto’s recording apps make deployment at scale a snap. The apps can be deployed to any number of laptops or dedicated appliances in minutes, synchronize with your identity management systems for single sign-on, and can be remotely managed and controlled by anyone with administrator access.

Video presentation recorded with Panopto video software

Bring your presentation slides to life.

Whether you’re recording e-learning videos, video tutorials, video demonstrations, or quarterly reports, capturing video of you and your slides is a breeze with Panopto. Just open your presentation, open Panopto and press “Record.” Panopto will capture your slides, record your animation in full HD at up to 1080p and 60 frames-per-second, index your slide contents for search, and even automatically create a table of contents based on your slide headings.

With Panopto, you’re in control of your presentation. Record video of yourself presenting, or choose only to capture your audio to pair with your slides. No matter your choice, our interactive player will adjust for optimal playback automatically.  

Record multiple video sources.

Your favorite camera works here. Panopto automatically recognizes virtually any video recording device you can plug into your laptop – from simple webcams to cutting-edge camcorders, document cameras, industry- and professional-specialty devices, and more. 

Want to show more than one angle? Panopto is built for multi-camera recording, so you can capture an unlimited number of video feeds. Simply connect your devices and click record

Multiple screens recorded with Panopto video capture software

Capture video from your screen(s).

It’s easy to find a basic screen recording tool these days. The problem is, for most, recording a single screen is all they can do. But what if you want to record video from multiple screens? Or include video of you presenting? Or live stream the content on your screen?

Panopto can help you turn a simple screen recording into a professional presentation. With 1080p, 60fps HD video screen capture, you can perfectly record just about anything — even busy animations, dense and detail-rich documents, or multiple simultaneous screens. With Panopto, viewers will feel like they are standing over your shoulder.

live video stream recorded in Panopto

Live stream with one extra click.

With one extra mouse click, Panopto Enterprise users can turn a live video presentation into a live webcast that can be watched by ten people across campus, or ten thousand people around the world. From keynotes and conferences to town hall meetings, campus events, internal announcements, or anything else, Panopto Enterprise makes it simple to securely live stream video and instantly share the recording when the broadcast ends.

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Panopto video conference recording software - GoToMeeting

Do more with video conference recordings.

Recording video conferences to capture real-time communications between teams and individuals has become a best practice for many organizations. But while most video conferencing software will allow you to record your meetings, none give you the ability to easily share and manage those videos, much less make the important information within those recordings easy to search.

Panopto Enterprise includes pre-built integrations for popular video conferencing solutions like Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and BlueJeans, giving you a secure, searchable video library where your employees can share and manage their recorded meetings.

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Panopto all-in-one video recording and editing software

Video editing made simple.

You don’t have to be a professional to create professional-quality video presentations. Panopto’s video editor makes it easy to edit your video online, without extra software. Trim unwanted sections, switch between different video feeds, embed quizzes and more.

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Scheduled in advance. Or on the fly.

Panopto makes video recording
easier to manage.

Optimized multi-media video playback with panopto's video software

A better viewing experience.

With Panopto’s interactive video player, your viewers will find a video experience that feels more like being in the live audience — with multi-camera HD playback, inside video search, live Q&A, digital notes, and more. And Panopto automatically detects your viewers’ devices and delivers a playback experience tailored to each individual’s screen size and video capabilities.

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360 degree video recording software for virtual and augmented reality

Create immersive learning experiences with 360° video.

Panopto supports 360-degree and Virtual Reality video, making it easy for you to bring your viewers inside virtual simulations, demonstrations, tours, classrooms, meetings, and more. Viewers can watch and rotate your 360-degree videos in Panopto’s interactive video player, and can get the full Virtual Reality experience using our mobile player and just about any VR headset.

When you stop recording, Panopto is just getting started.

Traditional video production is just too hard. Compressing, indexing, transcoding, and optimizing video files requires specialized tools and technical expertise, and even then, the process can take weeks to complete and cost thousands of dollars per finished video.

So we built Panopto to do all that hard work for you, automatically. In just minutes, every video you upload to Panopto (whether or not it was recorded with Panopto) is automatically uploaded to a secure server, optimized for playback on any device, indexed for search, and more.

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