Best-in-class video recording and live streaming in turnkey video capture appliances.

Video is easier with Panopto.

Panopto has partnered with leaders in the AV industry to bring you the best video recording and live webcasting appliances available.

For AV teams and IT organizations, these appliances provide the ability to schedule single or recurring video events in advance, configure recording devices and quality remotely, and monitor recordings as they take place.

Every recording is automatically published to Panopto’s secure video content management system, where they are indexed for search using our Smart Search technology, and encoded for on-demand playback on any device.

Panopto Certified Capture Hardware

Panopto Certified capture hardware devices are jointly engineered by Panopto and the manufacturing partner. They’re purpose-built video capture appliances that integrate seamlessly with the Panopto video platform and address a range of recording and live streaming scenarios. Panopto tests these devices extensively in-house prior to product releases.

Certified manufacturers agree to follow Panopto defined sales, support and warranty processes to ensure high-quality customer service. Panopto customers may evaluate certified appliances for 30 days at no charge.

Panopto-Certified devices are ideal for customers looking for an easy out-of-the-box solution.

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Panopto Certified Matrox appliance

State-of-the-Art Video Capture
Matrox Maevex 6020 >

Panopto Certified Seneca rackmount appliance

Flexible Video Capture
Seneca Rackmount >

Panopto Certified Shuttle appliance

Affordable Video Capture
Shuttle HX110G >

Video Capture Hardware Solutions

Panopto Endorsed Capture Hardware

Panopto Endorsed capture hardware devices are made by the top AV manufacturers and are tightly integrated with Panopto. These are best for customers who already work with the brand, are looking for specific features in their streaming appliances or just want added flexibility.

Panopto engineering and support teams work hand-in-hand with each endorsed capture hardware provider to verify that every device seamlessly integrates with the Panopto video platform and provides a smart, simple video capture experience.

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Extron Panopto AV integrations

Extron SMP & Touchpanels
Learn More >

Epiphan Panopto AV integrations

Epiphan Pearl
Learn More >

WolfVision Panopto AV integrations

WolfVision Cynap
Learn More >

NewTek Panopto AV integrations

NewTek CaptureCast Pro
Learn More >

What's Included With Panopto

Whether you chose Certified or Endorsed Panopto hardware, you get the full, feature rich Panopto platform, which includes a YouTube-like video portal, best-in-class video recording and live streaming software, a unique video search engine, and more.