Flexible options for captioning videos.

Every organization has its own unique standards for video captioning when it comes to cost, turnaround time, completeness, and accuracy. Panopto gives you options for adding captions to your videos, whether they need to be 504 or 508-compliant to support differently abled students or you simply want to help improve comprehension and retention during employee onboarding.

Configurable video captions.

When a video has been captioned, Panopto’s interactive and embedded video players enable viewers to change the styling and placement of captioning to suit their individual needs. Viewers can set the position, colors, and size of the captions to ensure an optimal playback experience.

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Variable speed playback.

Variable speed playback (VSP) allows viewers to speed up or slow down video playback to better match the pace of the content presented to their personal needs. Viewers can slow down the video to half its original speed (0.5x) or speed it up to twice original speed (2.0x) in Panopto’s interactive, embedded, and mobile video players.

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Screen reader support.

Panopto works with screen reader tools that are designed to read text displayed on-screen aloud for users with blindness or visual impairment. Panopto supports JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver for Mac screen reader software.

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Keyboard accessibility and navigation.

Navigate the Panopto video platform with just a keyboard. Users who are visually impaired or who have motor disabilities can access all of Panopto’s functions with the tab key.