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Bridging The Knowledge Gap

In evolving workforces today, expectations for continuous learning and advanced skills are higher than ever. But in an era of skills, not having them causes problems for your business. Research suggests more than 55% of manager And it’s estimated that 58% of employees must reskill by 2025 just to stay competitive in their roles.

Technological advancements, changing market dynamics, and new skill requirements create significant challenges for businesses to remain competitive and keep productivity high. Plugging knowledge gaps with technical training, subject matter experts, and reskill and upskill programs can help prevent revenue loss and attrition.

Here are five strategies to plug knowledge gaps using a smart video learning training model.

Build an On-Demand Knowledge Repository for Continuous Learning

Build your organization’s on-demand library of technical training, reskill and upskill materials, and subject matter expertise to provide a continuous learning platform. It’s not just about giving employees the proper training relevant to their roles–but making those resources readily available. And that means anytime and anywhere your employees work (and learn). By providing secure learning pathways that are accessible, organizations empower their workforce to acquire new skills and knowledge regularly.

An on-demand content library allows employees to learn at their own pace and on their own terms with materials most relevant to them, whether on the job, at home, or both.

Personalize Learning for Relevance and Engagement

For successful training outcomes, learning preferences matter. Video-based training content can help meet individual employee needs and learning styles. That could mean learning from a device of their choice–or in a language they know best. Relevant and accessible training materials can help create a knowledge-sharing process that works.

A Culture of Capture Keeps Expert Knowledge Forever

Empower your organization with the right tools–from remote capture to content creator tools–to share their expert knowledge. A culture of capture means inspiring employees with expertise to create. Video content that keeps forever can reduce training costs of peer-to-peer learning of mentorship time. 

Paragraph 2 (capturing expert knowledge) (reducing costs and time associated with relying on subject matter experts or peer-to-peer training)

Deliver a Seamless Learning Experience with Integrated Tech Tools

Ensure your video learning platform integrates with your workforce’s preferred tools for seamless learning. Non-integration wastes employees’ time searching for information, drains brain power with tool overload, and creates a culture of disengagement.

Integrations reduce friction and barriers to learning. With a platform like Panopto, your organization can unite its tech tools so that learning with video doesn’t have to be complicated. Bridging knowledge gaps successfully also means bridging gaps between tools your employees use.

Use Analytics to Identify Knowledge Gaps

Video content analytics can tell an impactful story: where the knowledge gaps are.

Use a smart video platform to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to help your business determine where knowledge is lacking. Track the effectiveness, completion, and engagement of learning content across your workforce and pay attention to gaps. Assess where employees wish to learn more, where they don’t have enough content, or where their engagement falls off what they view.

By continuously evaluating training content and employee engagement, your organization can align training initiatives to relevant business needs. Refine your workforce development model to ensure analytics play a strategic part in your business objectives with an advanced video content platform.

Deliver a Smarter Knowledge Journey with Panopto

Panopto helps organizations bridge workforce knowledge gaps, empowering employees to find the training they need in seconds and helping business leaders understand what training their employees need most.

Learn how Panopto can plug gaps to revolutionize workforce training and drive sustainable growth for your business.