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Flexible deployment options.

Deploy your video platform in the way that makes the most sense for your organization — in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Hosted on our secure, scalable cloud.

Panopto’s cloud-hosted service maintains your video server infrastructure and ensures continuous, optimal delivery. Hosted on Amazon Web Services with geographic server options both in the US and EU, Panopto Cloud is secure, scalable, mirrored for redundancy, and built to ensure uptime and reliability.

On-premises in your own data center.

Panopto is easy to deploy behind your firewall on-premises. You can install Panopto on a single server, or distribute your video workloads across multiple load-balanced servers. Built for Modern Streaming, Panopto works with existing WAN optimization and web caching solutions to ensure optimal video performance and protect network bandwidth.

In a private cloud.

Panopto also supports hosting a private instance of our video platform on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or Microsoft’s Azure cloud. By hosting Panopto on a third-party cloud, you can achieve lower infrastructure costs while benefiting from the flexibility and control of an on-premises solution.

“With Panopto’s support team, everything was doable. It was so much more than we expected.”

Mark Felix, Director, Instructional Support,
University of Arizon

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