Panopto Europe Launches New Initiative for UK Schools and Academies

8th May, 2013

Today, Panopto Europe announced the launch of a new initiative to identify and support UK schools and academies looking to use video to enhance teaching and learning, communications and engagement activities.

Schools in the UK face a range of challenges – the need to ensure the best results for all of their pupils; the difficulties in helping students catch up if they can’t attend class; the need to engage with pupils who are constantly immersed in digital technologies – to name just a few. With experience of helping almost 500 education institutions around the world address these kinds of issues using video technology, Panopto is planning to work with UK schools and academies so that they can harness the same benefits for their teachers and students. Integrating video capture and management technology would enable schools and academies to:

  • Offer their pupils an effective revision tool that has been shown to contribute to better grades
  • Give students on-demand access to classroom content whenever, wherever
  • ‘Flip’ their classrooms to deliver core course content on video, to make best use of face-to-face time
  • Review lessons to help teachers hone their performance
  • Assess which lesson content is having the most impact

Panopto Europe is initially looking for ten forward-thinking schools to join the Panopto Pioneer Programme. The first ten schools to sign up to this initiative will receive a 25% discount on the price of a year-long subscription to the system and a range of other benefits.

Tom Davy, CEO at Panopto Europe commented:
“We’re excited at the prospect of working with UK academies and schools to help them embed video and audio technologies into their approaches to teaching and learning. We’ve been working with higher education institutions for some time and so many of the concerns and challenges we hear from universities are echoed by schools. We hope that this scheme will be the start of a wider movement in the secondary education sector towards embracing these kinds of technologies, as they’ve been shown to have a positive impact on student attainment and progression.”

Panopto Europe is already working with Skinners’ Kent Academy and their ICT Network Manager Miro Blahut commented: “Skinners’ Kent Academy has just installed Panopto after running a pilot with the system last year. We think this will be hugely beneficial for both students and staff – the technology is very flexible and we can see lots of potential for Panopto to enhance how we teach and communicate with our students, assess our teachers, engage with parents and more.”

To find out more about the Panopto Pioneer Programme, download the flyer. If your school is interested in signing up to the initiative, please contact Frances Andrews for more information by emailing [email protected] or calling 0203 137 5955.

You can also learn more about how Skinners’ Kent Academy plans to use Panopto on our blog.