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Webinar: A Healthy Dose of Innovation

Upskilling Healthcare Professionals Online with EIT Health Academy

The skill ceiling era is here for business leaders and your workforce. So how does your organization climb it? 

While skills advance to meet today’s fast-paced labor, technological, and technical demands, organizational leaders need on-demand training solutions to keep employees adept. And in an increasingly digital world, innovative online learning academies help.

Are your employees advancing skills online? Watch this webinar featuring David Pollard, Head of Digital Learning, at EIT Health Academy. Learn about the future of upskilling healthcare professionals across the European Union with advanced online certifications. Their innovative digital learning academy–powered by Panopto–empowers healthcare organizations and research institutions to share expert knowledge and keep employees advancing in careers, from technical training to management skills. Get insights on leveraging subject matter experts to turn expertise into on-demand knowledge. And probe the future of on-demand certifications for advancing career tracks and professional skills.

You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for leveraging subject matter experts for on-demand training content
  • The benefits of online training for advanced career tracks
  • Digital learning innovation strategies across the healthcare industry and others
  • How to evaluate course and learning efficacy
  • Why Panopto’s ease-of-use scales educational training in a singular platform, from content creation to delivery


Jamie Turak, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Panopto

David Pollard, Head of Digital Learning, EIT Health Academy

Patrick Kiely, Digital Learning Consultant, EIT Health Academy

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