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Google Glass and Panopto

A few days ago, there was a great story about Patrick Jordan, a firefighter and software developer who’s building software for Google Glass that provides a heads-up display with diagrams of building floor plans and information to assist in rescue efforts. When combined with Glass’ video recording capabilities, this type of app has the potential to provide firefighters with real-world instructional content and best practices that could potentially save lives.

When Glass hits the market later this year, it’ll provide businesses with a new way to capture hands-free point of view (POV) video. It’ll have applications in healthcare for doctors and surgeons, in manufacturing for capturing the plant floor and production line, in construction and real estate for recording site and home walk-throughs, in retail for capturing instructional content and merchandising information, and in utilities and energy for getting reports from field technicians. We’re also finding it great for recording any type of 1:1 coaching sessions.

Once you’ve recorded a video with Glass, it’s easy to post it to your Panopto video library and share it with colleagues, partners, or customers. Just plug Glass into your laptop’s USB port, grab the video file, and drag it into Panopto’s web-based import tool. In a few minutes, Panopto will encode the video for playback on any device, and if you transcribe the video with Panopto’s captioning service, you’ll be able to find any word that’s mentioned inside the video and fast forward precisely to that point in the recording.

Check out the short video below to see how you can record video and upload it to Panopto in less than 2 minutes.

Using Google Glass to Record a Panopto Video - Panopto Online Video Platform