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Introducing the World’s Smartest Video Search

Traditional video search looks at just titles and tags—but not the video’s actual content. Not anymore.

Starting now, Panopto users can search video by every word spoken and every word shown — at no added cost — with the industry’s most comprehensive set of tools to search inside the actual content of your videos. Find out more in our latest video!



Today we’ve gotten used to being able to search just about anything — documents, emails, websites, and almost anything else. Which is great! Because anything you can search, you can use as a resource.

But what about video?

Too often video is a black box — full of valuable information but almost impossible to search.

That’s a big problem because video is already everywhere – and growing. Analysts predict that by 2016 companies will stream more than 45 minutes of video every day for every employee.

The fact is, your organization’s video is only valuable if your people can actually find it.

Here’s how just about every video is searched today:

  1. The video provider looks at manually entered information added on top of the file: a title, description, tags, and comments.
  2. That’s it! They don’t search the actual content of the video at all.

If some part of the video isn’t mentioned in those extra details, it’s lost – and totally unfindable by search. And even if the host does find the video, too often it still can’t tell you the specific, relevant moment – leaving you to hunt and peck in the timeline to try and find what you’re looking for.

When business videos can be 30-60 minutes long or more, that’s a huge problem.

Until now. At Panopto we just fixed all of that, with the industry’s most comprehensive tools to search inside your videos.

How much could you save by
making your videos easier to search?

Calculate Your Savings

As of today, you can search through video in Panopto the same way you’d search the internet, or your email.

  • Search by any keyword ever spoken in the video, with automatic speech recognition.
  • Or by any word that ever appears in the video, with optical character recognition and PowerPoint slide ingestion.
  • Search across every video, ever created in your library – new or old – and whether or not it was recorded with Panopto.
  • And get specific results that fast-forward to the exact moment the keyword occurs in your video.

Finally, your business can use video as a real knowledge resource.

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Panopto makes it easy for businesses and universities to record, share, and search video – in a single solution that runs on any laptop.

For more information on Panopto,  contact us today to request a free trial.