Does your screen capture software only record your screen?

It’s easy to find a simple screen capture tool these days. The problem is that recording a screen is all most of them can do. What if you want to record multiple screens? Or include a video of you presenting? Or live stream the content of your screen? Panopto is the only software that lets you turn a simple screen recording into a professional video presentation.

The next best thing to standing over your shoulder.

On-screen is where the details are. It’s where we show our explanations, calculations, and demonstrations. Panopto’s high-definition screen recorder makes sure every element, every animation, and every cursor movement is captured clearly.

When you hit “Stop” Panopto is just getting started.

Record with other screen capture software, and what you get is a huge file sitting on your desktop. It’s up to you to figure out how to store it, share it, and secure it. Not with Panopto. Every recording is automatically uploaded to a secure server, transcoded for playback on any device, indexed for search and more. Other screen recorders are one-offs. Panopto is end-to-end video.