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Unlocking Internal Knowledge with Video:
The Complete Guide for Businesses

The strongest resource in your L&D toolkit is already in your organization: your people. Did you know that 42% of valuable company knowledge is unique to the individual employee?

But how do you create an easy, scalable knowledge sharing program within your organization?

The solution: video. 

In this guide, you’ll discover industry trends, case studies, and the essential strategies you need to achieve knowledge sharing excellence by utilizing video, including: 

  • Your 5-Minute Checklist for Creating  Just-in-Time Learning Content
  • Bring Upskilling and Cross-Skilling In House with Ease
  • 5 Ways to Encourage Social Learning with Video
  • Unleashing the Power of Video: Inspiring Subject Matter Experts to Share Knowledge within Organizations
  • Take Action: Your Checklist for Unlocking Internal Knowledge with Video

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