An employee presents through video

The Challenge

The proprietary business communication platform has over 3,000 employees and more than 10 million daily active users. Over the previous three years, the company’s revenue had grown by 110%, 82%, and 57% respectively. 

With growth projected to continue, it needed a user-friendly, modern video content management system and new video platform to support its team and customer base. It was also seeking a better way to secure, store, and manage its Zoom recordings.

A video meeting with colleagues

The Solution

The company determined that Panopto was the optimal solution for its video content management, streaming, and organizational needs. Panopto partnered with its team to integrate the OKTA SSO and Zoom solutions for company-wide use. Panopto also worked with the team to transition its live events and captioning to Panopto’s platform.

Enjoying a colleague's video

The Impact

Now, both the OKTA SSO and Zoom solutions work together to allow users to record and share videos significantly faster than they could before. Teams are equipped to rapidly share information through videos, recording demonstrations, tutorials, and explanations which can all be found and shared with a simple typing command. Over 2,750 company team members are now actively using Panopto to record and view videos.

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