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Digital Transformation of Next Generation Institutions

In today’s fast-paced world, the digital transformation of educational institutions remains a top priority to meet the evolving demands of students, faculty, and even technology. AI and other technology innovations challenge administrators to rethink educational design that enhances learning and prepares students for a digital work age.

Here’s a look into the transformative impact of digital technology on next-generation campuses and what innovation brings to the future of education.

Growth of Digital Transformation on Campus

Institutions must keep pace with change, especially AI, to stay competitive in a new digital age. Educause notes higher education has entered its third era of transformation, bringing new focus areas like big data, cloud computing, universal connectivity, and AI. These areas underscore further research suggesting that 13% of colleges and universities engage in digital transformation today, while another 70% develop strategies to innovate.

Finding the right technology tools to keep pace with change is essential to providing effective learning experiences. Next-generation campuses use tech tools such as advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations, artificial intelligence learning devices, and smart video learning platforms like Panopto to enhance learning and prepare students for technological literacy after graduation.

How Video Learning Shapes Next-Generation Campuses

Ensuring Flexible and Accessible Learning

From lecture capture to distance learning and HyFlex courses, Panopto helps institutions deliver education that supports diverse learning needs–reaching students with content wherever they are and on their terms.

And while student demographics change, institutional flexibility means more than making up for missed classes. Students who were previously unable to commit to traditional 4-year programs now require an educational experience that fits their unique needs and schedules. Research shows that 40% of college students claim to work a full-time job while enrolled in classes.

Panopto’s video platform supports asynchronous workflows that add flexibility to enrollment and programs. With easy administration, ready-made LMS integrations, scalable hosting, and industry-leading video search, Panopto helps institutions scale learning that makes a difference beyond pressing play.

Research from NCE suggests that 19% of all enrolled undergraduates and 12% of all enrolled graduate students report having disabilities. These students may struggle to excel in a traditional classroom setting. Panopto gives the option to add captions to your videos to support differently-abled students and help improve learning comprehension and retention.

Improved Student Engagement

Students on campus benefit from real-time dialogue engaging with instructors and peers. But distance learners don’t always have the same opportunity for student-teacher interactions. With Panopto, students can interact with live or pre-recorded lectures and engage in asynchronous workflows and feedback loops, providing flexible pathways to dialogue with instructors even outside of class. These methods help students stay on track with coursework and keep connected in asynchronous envrinonments.

Measuring Learning Outcomes

With Panopto, view detailed engagement reports and comprehensive viewing behavior insights for all videos in your library. Faculty can receive results from in-video quizzes directly to your LMS. This valuable information allows instructors to monitor their students’ progress and identify improvement areas.

Deliver a Smarter Knowledge Journey with Panopto

As the digital transformation of next-generation campuses evolves, Panopto leads advancement in instructional design with video learning, revolutionizing learning, instructional, and even administrative experiences for institutions.

Learn how Panopto can help your institution.

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