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How Haverford College Uses Panopto

With over 500 schools and universities around the world using Panopto, we’re always learning about new ways that our clients are using our lecture capture platform. From flipped classrooms to student presentations, lab demonstrations to continuing education for teachers, Panopto has become an indispensable tool for learning and communication on many college campuses.

Recently, we learned about Haverford College’s Instructional Technology Services blog, featuring videos of teachers sharing how they use technology on campus, and in particular, we found two great videos of professors discussing how they use Panopto in their classrooms.

Supporting Student Needs in Challenging Classes

Organic Chemistry is often regarded as one of the most challenging courses offered on any campus, but Assistant Professor of Chemistry Lou Charkoudian is using video to help her students conquer the difficult material. She combines Panopto with Moodle and Smart Podium to provide pre-course preparation material and other digital materials that enables students to feel prepared for every class, and helps prevent them from falling behind.

Improving Music Instruction Through Video

Heidi Jacob, Assistant Professor of Music, uses Panopto to record her chamber music lessons as well as student-run rehearsal sessions where she is not present. Recording the rehearsal sessions enables her students to hear themselves determine which aspects of their performances needs to be improved.

We’re excited to learn more about the ways that Haverford College is using Panopto, and we look forward to seeing more videos from their instructional technology team.

Interested in Enhancing the Learning Experience Through Video?

The use of lecture capture technologies on campus has shifted over the past few years from novelty to necessity. Studies continue to indicate that students expect their colleges to invest in lecture capture tools. If your institution is looking to implement a new lecture capture system, or improve your classroom capture technology, contact our team today to schedule a demonstration and learn more about how Panopto can help.