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Make the Switch from Tegrity to Panopto

Today, we’re launching a new program that makes it easy for Tegrity Campus customers to switch to Panopto. The program includes a migration tool for preserving your existing Tegrity video content and professional services to help your institution transition to Panopto’s lecture capture platform. In addition, we’re offering a special promotion for Tegrity customers who commit to switching by June 30.

Why Make the Switch?
Lecture capture and flipped classroom technologies are becoming an essential part of the learning experience in universities around the world. As institutions continue to adopt these technologies and expand their use from departmental pilots to campus-wide implementations, they often discover an unwritten rule in selecting a technology provider: great software is important, but great support is essential.

Since our founding in 2007, Panopto has partnered with academic institutions to deliver video technology that they can rely on, and customer service that goes above and beyond their expectations.

As part of today’s announcement, we’re publishing a case study about recent work we’ve done with 34 colleges across Washington State. These institutions, overseen by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), decided to transition from Tegrity to Panopto based on the decelerating investment in Tegrity’s lecture capture solution, and on the need for better customer support. In the weeks that followed, our customer service engineers worked with the 34 member colleges to implement Panopto, train each college’s administrators, integrate Panopto with the schools’ LMS, and begin converting the more than 40TB of existing Tegrity recordings.

The case study highlights the type of responsiveness and dedication to customer service that Tegrity customers can expect from a switch to Panopto:

“The Panopto support team made the decision to go above and beyond the contract and be available to answer any question from any user from Washington — whether they were one of our named administrators or not — until literally there just wasn’t anyone with any more questions to ask. That was very helpful for us.”
– Mark Carbon, Operations Manager, SBCTC eLearning Team

The full case study is available here: http://panop.to/tegrity-conversion

What’s Included in the Upgrade Program?
There are three elements of the upgrade program:

  • An automated conversion tool
  • Professional migration services
  • Complimentary closed captioning

When we meet with universities considering a migration to Panopto, preserving their existing recorded lectures is always a top priority. To address this need, we developed a tool that automates the conversion of Tegrity videos to Panopto, and then uploads the converted content to a new Panopto video library. We’ve used this tool to convert over 126,000 Tegrity recordings to date, maintaining the fidelity of the video content, slide presentations, captions, edits, and more. In some cases, the Tegrity videos will actually play back at higher quality in Panopto based on our support for 1080p video at up to 60 frames per second.

In addition to the conversion technology, we’re also rolling out professional services to assist your team in transitioning to Panopto. The services offering is affordably priced, and is based on the amount of Tegrity content your university wants to convert.

Finally, we’re offering a special promotion to Tegrity customers for a limited time. If your university is interested in making the switch to Panopto, and commits before June 30 to migrating, we’ll include $2,000 of complementary closed captioning services as part of your Panopto subscription.

Contact Us for More Information
If your institution is currently using Tegrity Campus, we’d love the opportunity to learn more about your lecture capture needs, and to discuss how Panopto can provide you with easy-to-use technology backed by top-notch customer support. You can contact us online at http://panop.to/tegrity-upgrade.