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Knowledge Sharing – Frame by Frame

4 Panopto Success Stories

At Panopto, we’re proud to be an industry leader in video learning globally, supporting companies across diverse industries to frame learning models for impactful business outcomes.

Our customers’ success reveals a powerful premise: as industries change, so do ways employees learn. Knowledge, people, and culture work together to produce business results to stay competitive. Today, frames of knowledge shift in your workplace alongside evolving communication and technology tools.

This eBook presents a multi-industry view of how Panopto partners use modern video practices to scale employee skills, communication, and training.

If you’re a business leader designing a future-proof learning strategy, don’t miss these four customer success stories. These organizations use Panopto’s purpose-built video platform to protect institutional knowledge, deliver accessible content, and create a culture of learning for a modern workplace. 

Why This eBook?

  • Multi-industry Learning Models: Explore how Panopto innovates training and communication across different business sectors, from nuclear energy to telecommunications and a global Fortune 500 technology company.
  • Get Strategic Insights: Understand why institutional knowledge becomes your most significant asset when developed across your workforce. 
  • Real-World Impact: Dive into four compelling case studies from diverse industries. Understand business goals associated with new learning model implementation and the benefits of video learning alongside business strategy.
  • Accessibility: Learn how Panopto makes knowledge-sharing not just universal but personal and accessible, breaking down geographical, cultural, and linguistic barriers for the most diverse workforce.

It’s Time to Frame Your Workplace Learning Goals

Does your workplace have a learning model that keeps pace in today’s digital world? With Panopto, create connections that matter, make learning easy, and drive communication that brings employees, operations, and skills together. “Sharing Knowledge Frame by Frame” is an inside look at how the right video-learning platform frames workplace learning for results leaders need.

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