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Bridging the Knowledge Gap

How to Protect Institutional Knowledge with Video Learning

The future success of your organization depends on your staff’s ability to continually learn, develop, and perfect new skills. Every new development in industry, technology, and the workforce brings new knowledge gaps– and if your staff doesn’t have the tools to keep learning and closing those gaps, your organization will be left behind. 

Research shows that six out of ten workers will require training before 2027 to remain up to date in their jobs–and the employers surveyed report that only half of employees currently have access to adequate training opportunities. 

Knowledge gaps can cost organizations time and money and often contribute to undesired turnover and ineffective onboarding and training practices. 

The solution? Video. 

In this eBook, you’ll discover: 

  • 3 types of organizational knowledge and potential gaps
  • 4 challenges of employee knowledge gaps and how to overcome them 
  • The future of flexible knowledge transfer and how a video learning management system can help employees level up their knowledge consistently 

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