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It’s Everything YouTube Isn’t. An Overview and Demo of Panopto

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Nearly everyone is familiar with YouTube — the largest online platform for sharing videos. In fact, it’s usually the first solution that comes to mind for anyone who has a video to share.

For businesses, there are compelling reasons to publicly share videos on YouTube for everything from marketing campaigns to customer engagement. But not every video your organization records is safe on YouTube.

Most of the videos many organizations produce — from employee training sessions and internal communications messages to meeting recordings and institutional knowledge management recordings — contain sensitive, not-for-public information.

So how then do organizations host and share that kind of private video content?

In this webinar, we dig into 7 challenges of using YouTube for sharing private corporate videos and discuss what makes a secure enterprise video platform like Panopto a better alternative. We’ll also look at how Panopto can help support training and communication within the enterprise, and give you a quick demonstration of Panopto so you can see for yourself just how easy it can be to put video to work for your organization.

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