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Multi-Camera Presentations Recorded in Temporary Locations

The Challenge

Looking over the already-crowded professional training market, the founders of Great Learning saw an opportunity: most continuing education programs hadn’t yet figured out how to teach working professionals the challenging new technical skills that working professionals, from entry level to senior leaders, want to understand. 

To help busy professionals succeed at learning new, complex technical skills, the team at Great Learning recognized it would need the right technology. In particular, the company had to find a learning management system (LMS) and a video platform that, together, could support the flexible and active on-demand learning experiences the team had envisioned.

To deliver the right learning experience Great Learning concluded it needed to build its own custom LMS. Finding the right video platform proved much easier.

The Solution

After researching a number of video learning solutions, Great Learning found Panopto. With Panopto’s all-in-one video platform, Great Learning would be able to capture high-definition multi-camera video from anywhere, offer a high-end viewing experience to students, scale the management of its rapidly growing video library, and get detailed video analytics to improve teaching and learning over time.

With Panopto, Great Learning’s classrooms could easily record the instructor, the lecture slides, the material they were writing on a whiteboard, the contents of their laptop screen, and more. Any information that made sense to share in the lesson could be easily captured and shared. Whether the instructor was presenting a lecture or working through a demonstration, Panopto captured the entire classroom experience for students to revisit later. 

“With Panopto, there is no information that is lost. I think that adds significant value to the learning experience,” said Co-Founder and Director Arjun Nair.

With Panopto’s interactive video players, Great Learning could make the learning experience both more active and more personal. Students could stream high-definition course videos from the device of their choice, toggle between views, speed up or slow down playback, turn on captions when available, take notes inside the video player, add bookmarks, and even search the words spoken or shown on screen. 

“Panopto’s ability to search all the words spoken and shown during an hour-long course video, then instantly fast forward to the exact moment an instructor got to a topic has proven to be a feature our students can’t live without,” says Arjun Nair.

“Panopto’s ability to search all the words spoken and shown during an hour-long course video, then instantly fast forward to the exact moment an instructor got to a topic has proven to be a feature our students can’t live without.”

Arjun Nair, Co-founder and Director, Great Learning

The Impact

Armed with Panopto’s industry-leading video platform and its custom-built “smart” learning management system, Great Learning began offering premium, transformative learning experiences taught by top-rated faculty to professionals eager to learn skills that would advance their careers. 

Right away, Great Learning received significant demand for its courses. In just five years, Great Learning has delivered more than 5 million hours of learning to more than 10,000 professionals worldwide. 

Over that time, Great Learning has expanded from offering one flagship training program in three cities to providing more than ten intensive training programs in six cities, as well as remote learning programs for international students in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business.

Panopto has played a part in that expansion, enabling Great Learning to move into new cities without having to build entirely new learning centers. Because Panopto can record from any laptop, Great Learning has the flexibility to record multi-camera presentations in temporary locations like hotel conference rooms.

“We could set up recording infrastructure very quickly with Panopto, a laptop, and a few video cameras,” says Nair. “Even in a hotel, we could easily capture the faculty, their projected slides, and the whiteboard they wrote on.” 

Great Learning’s leaders attribute much of their success to the technologies that enabled them to bring their vision to life, optimizing in-depth learning experiences for busy professionals. And without these same technologies, rapid growth would not have been possible.

“Panopto enables us to position ourselves as a provider of premium and transformative learning experiences.”

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