K1 Investment Management is a leading enterprise software investment firm based in Manhattan Beach, California. With an employee base of more than 200 investment, operations, and software professionals and a portfolio of more than $2.9 billion in annual recurring revenue, K1 creates category leaders by investing alongside strong management teams that continue to guide its organizations on a day-to-day basis.

The Challenge

The K1 Operations team creates, hosts, and records regular summits and training events for their 15,000 portfolio executives and employees. These trainings cover best practices in B2B SaaS leadership, including sales and marketing, product and engineering, customer success, and more. Dubbed K1 TV, the external-facing trainings are also a key way to educate prospective new portfolio companies about K1’s approach and support offerings.

Yet these videos had been stored in a disorganized collection hosted on Vimeo that combined internal- and external-facing content that was difficult to navigate and search. Not only was it challenging to securely share the right videos with the right stakeholders, there was no ability to track engagement or the effectiveness of the video content.

The Solution

The K1 Operations team selected Panopto as an end-to-end video management platform that would enable them to quickly publish, edit, share, and search K1 TV content, as well as allow for secure, self-serve access by targeted stakeholders.

Seamless Implementation and World-Class Customer Support

K1 migrated 1,000 videos from its legacy Vimeo platform to Panopto, where they were automatically indexed for written and spoken language. 

“Our vision for K1 TV included a homepage that highlighted each of our functional groups including Sales and Marketing, Product and Engineering, Financial Planning, Customer Success, and more,” says Amelie Vergnolle, GTM Consultant at K1 Operations and Panopto lead at K1. “We populated each of these pages with different sections of content like Webinars, Summit Recordings, Functional Learning Paths, and a Hall of Fame with old videos.”

K1 worked closely with its dedicated customer support manager to establish an intuitive site architecture, secure share settings, and best practices for improving the UX of K1 TV on Panopto. 

“Not only did Panopto provide a robust library of support documentation that we could reference throughout our implementation, the entire Panopto team has been a great help throughout this process,” Vergnolle says. “We met with our customer success reps twice a month and they were always available to answer any questions we had.” 

“The switch for K1 TV to the Panopto platform enabled us to roll out a robust and intuitive training platform that offers enormous value to our portfolio executives. This enables us to offer best practices and strategic, impactful tools to enable our portfolio executives to up-level the skillsets of their employees.”

Drew Kiran, Practice Director, Go To Market, K1

Easy Creation and Curation of Video Content

K1 employees are able to quickly capture, edit, and upload video content – from recorded summit keynotes to live webinars to meeting recordings. Using Panopto’s deep integration with Microsoft Teams to automatically capture and share video to K1 TV, employees can manage video content without leaving the collaboration tools they are already familiar with, saving time and improving productivity.

Panopto’s engagement reports also provide detailed analytics on video viewing behavior, helping K1 identify which companies and users are engaging with training and which modules are most useful or effective. 

“Using Panopto’s analytics is a great way to gather feedback on the value of the platform for K1,” adds Vergnolle. 

The Impact

K1 has launched K1 TV powered by Panopto to its 100+ portfolio companies, enabling them with secure, self-serve access to training videos anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

“Panopto has elevated K1 TV to a robust, intuitive training platform that brings enormous value to our portfolio executives,” says Drew Kiran, Practice Director, Go to Market at K1. “We are able to equip leaders with the strategic knowledge and tactical tools to help grow their businesses into category leaders in their respective industries. I look forward to seeing K1 TV expand alongside our firm in the months and years to come,” Kiran adds.

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