Echo360 Customers Continue Mass Migration to Panopto

Panopto announces strong demand for video platform migration, new incentives for Echo360 customers.

SEATTLE, April 4, 2017 – Panopto today announced strong demand for its Echo360 migration program. Since its announcement in June 2016, the company has migrated more than 15,000 hours of Echo360 recordings into new Panopto video libraries. The company is also engaged in more than 60 active migration discussions with academic institutions. In response to this growing demand, Panopto is offering new financial incentives for other organizations interested in an Echo360 alternative.

“Last summer, Yale transitioned from Echo360 and Kaltura to Panopto,” said John Harford, Manager of Collaboration Technologies, Yale University Center for Teaching and Learning. “Since the move, Panopto’s video platform has received rave reviews from Yale administrators and faculty, and the support we’ve received from Panopto has been second to none.”

“We were motivated to move to a single lecture capture software solution and have it hosted in the cloud,”  said Chuck Lenosky, IT Solutions Architect for Creighton University Learning Environments.  “The university had both Echo360 and Panopto as on-prem capture options. Based on our evaluation criteria and their content migration program, Panopto emerged as the clear choice.”

The Echo360 migration program includes Panopto’s professional services for converting existing Echo360 video files, validating the integrity of converted files, and where possible, provisioning existing users, folder structures, and metadata within Panopto.

For universities who commit to migration before September 30, 2017, Panopto will waive the $3,000 professional services flat fee. In addition, customers transitioning to Panopto’s cloud-hosted video platform will receive 1,000 hours of Echo360 video conversion at no cost. More information on the migration program can be found online at

About Panopto

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