Attach videos to accounts and opportunities.

Just as you can attach documents to your Salesforce accounts and opportunities, now you can attach recorded presentations, audio files, and other video content. With Panopto, your reps can record video recaps of calls and meetings rather than typing them out, as well as upload recorded video calls with clients for a verbatim record of the discussion.

Send video emails to prospects and customers.

Video is a proven means to make your messages more engaging. With Panopto, your teams can create video emails directly within Salesforce, making it easy to personalize prospecting emails with a custom video message, improve customer service by demonstrating solutions to customer issues, and measure their results by tracking viewing metrics.

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Synchronized single sign-on

with user-specific analytics.

Once someone logs into Salesforce, they’ll automatically log into Panopto as well. Panopto utilizes rolling synchronization that references your ID management systems each time a user authenticates. Once logged in, Panopto’s analytics tools track user viewing behavior, so you’ll always know who’s watched what.

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Share videos on Chatter.

Chatter helps employees connect with the information and expertise they need to work more productively. With Panopto, executives and employees can share their insights, ideas, and best practices using video. The result is a more engaging feed of internal communication and knowledge sharing — shared where your people are already spending their time.

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