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What Higher Education Leaders Want From a VMS in 2023

When it comes to managing video, it’s easy to get lost in a range of solutions. Are you, like many others, tired of juggling multiple video tools to keep up with the demands of modern education? In 2023, higher education leaders are looking for a VMS that can do it all – from asynchronous video creation to video management and distribution. So, what exactly does that look like in terms of features?

After surveying global education leaders on how video is being used and current VMS satisfaction criteria, we compiled all the insights into our 2023 Video Trends in Higher Education Report. Read on to discover the five must-have features of a VMS that can take your institution’s video content to the next level.

1. Ease of use

According to the 2023 Video Trends in Higher Education Report, 32.8% of respondents say that ease of use is the most important criteria contributing to VMS satisfaction. Higher education leaders want a solution that can provide students and faculty with a seamless, engaging, and interactive video learning experience – all while being simple to operate. 

Panopto offers a reliable, all-in-one video platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it incredibly easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you’ll find Panopto’s interface straightforward, with clear navigation and easy-to-find features for lecture capture, video recording, editing, and management. With dedicated customer support partnership, and a range of guides and tutorials on offer, finding help has never been easier. 

“What we found was that it was incredibly easy to use – I just opened up the Panopto Recorder as usual and ticked the box that said ‘broadcast and record,’” says David Neal, Digital Technologies Engineer at Lancaster University.

2. Customer support

From solving technical issues to onboarding new users, great customer support can help increase user retention by ensuring that both administrators and faculty are satisfied with the VMS and are able to use it effectively. Satisfied users are more likely to continue using their VMS and recommend it to others. 

21.5% of survey respondents – primarily private universities – listed customer support as the second most important criteria contributing to VMS satisfaction. Did you know that Panopto customer support is available 24/7 and has a 99% satisfaction rate?

“Working with Panopto has been great, they really do set the gold standard for vendor support,” says Alethea Inns, Associate Instructional Technology Support Specialist at UNLV. “I often say I wish all of our vendors could be as good as Panopto in terms of how responsive and available they are.”

3. System reliability and uptime

Users expect their VMS to be available and accessible when they need it. If the system experiences downtime or performance issues, faculty and students may become frustrated and lose trust in the product. That’s why system reliability and uptime was listed as a critical criteria by 20.7% of respondents – primarily Academic Technologists – who know how important functionality is to the development and usage of learning and training materials. 

The secure and scalable Panopto Cloud is built to ensure uptime and reliability, ensuring that your videos are available when you need them. Have you checked out our server status page that shows Panopto uptime globally?

Even when a school server malfunctions, Panopto is still able to successfully record lectures. In the case of Thomas Jefferson University, advanced capture scheduling prevented the loss of 60-70 classes.

“Panopto records seven days out. The remote recorders receive the schedule a week in advance of the lectures themselves, then start recording at the appropriate times – even when they aren’t able to communicate with the central server,” says Chris Braster, Assistant Director of Educational Technologies at Thomas Jefferson University.

4. Storage management

Storage management is crucial for a VMS. It impacts the amount of storable content, as well as accessibility, security, and compliance. It’s why 19% of survey respondents – primarily public universities – chose storage management as their second most important VMS satisfaction criteria. 

With Panopto, you can store and protect your organization’s video library in the cloud, while still making it easy for the right people to access internal videos. When it comes to managing all that stored content, having a content retention policy in place will not only strengthen your video learning library but empower your faculty and students 

“Since we implemented Panopto at the University of Washington, it’s become a critical asset for our faculty and students. Over the last three years, our faculty and staff have created more than 60,000 total hours of academic recordings that students use as a valuable study aid,” says Tom Lewis, Director of Academic Experience Design & Delivery, University of Washington.

5. Security

What is one of the most important criteria to faculty members when it comes to their VMS? Security. Video content often contains confidential student information, as well as faculty intellectual property. If this content is not properly secured, it can lead to unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security incidents.

Panopto prioritizes security and takes every measure to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your data. When it comes to content sharing, Panopto provides a straightforward and robust system, uploading completed recordings instantly into a secure video library.

“Our professors all had different needs when it came to video, and Panopto gave us an answer for all of them,” says Michael McCurdy, Instructional Technology Specialist at Seminole State College.


So there you have it, the top five features that higher education leaders are seeking in a comprehensive VMS. As the demands of modern education continue to grow, it’s essential to have a VMS that can do it all; easily, securely, and with the right support. 

By keeping up with the latest video trends and VMS satisfaction criteria, universities can prioritize key features and will be better equipped to choose the right VMS for the needs of their faculty and students.


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