Efficient streaming across any network with HLS

Panopto includes a unique media pipeline that uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for video capture, live webcasting, and on-demand distribution. As a result, you get faster video startup times, reduced buffering, unmatched scalability, and higher-quality playback for both internal and external audiences.

Automatic device detection.

Optimal playback for every device.

The video you see on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and the one you see on your iPad Pro should be tailored to the size and capabilities of the device. Panopto automatically detects your device every time you click play, and delivers a playback experience optimized for that device’s form factor.

From the Internet to your corpnet.

Bundled or bring-your-own CDN.

Panopto Cloud provides the easiest, most flexible options for streaming video over the Internet. Out of the box, we deliver video using Akamai and Amazon CloudFront CDNs, the largest global content delivery networks. As a result, you get faster video startup time and minimal latency regardless of where you’re located. And if you already partner with a CDN provider, Panopto is compatible. In fact, you can configure Panopto to work with your CDN in less than five minutes.

Video streaming that just works.

Whether you already have WAN optimization infrastructure or are looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of your video streaming, Panopto has you covered.

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