Trying to decide on the best learning strategy for the upcoming academic year but not sure where to start? What did schools learn this spring that can be applied broadly to prepare for fall?

With over 1000 universities and colleges including the top 21 out of 25 global universities using Panopto, we have gathered valuable strategies and best practices on implementing HyFlex learning and building the resilient university with video.

In this on-demand webinar we share with you:

  • How easy it can be for faculty and students to live stream and record lecture captures, presentations, and webcasts while sharing them securely
  • How your videos can meet section 508 compliance requirements
  • How inside-video search technology improves productivity and learning for students
  • How valuable it is to have your communication and learning systems work together to support your campus
  • How you can build a resilient university that can adapt to sudden environmental changes
  • and more!

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