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The Challenge

The Irish Tax Institute offers tax education and expertise to thousands of businesses, multinationals, and individuals.The continued development of their syllabus, delivery model, and assessment methods ensure that Chartered Tax Advisors have the skills and knowledge they need to meet the ever-changing needs of their workplaces.

The Irish Tax Institute employs a blended and flipped classroom model when teaching students on the Chartered Tax Advisors course. Whilst the content created had been helping students meet and exceed their learning goals, the Institute spent an unsustainable amount of time and effort editing and producing recordings. It sought an all-in-one solution that could reduce editing time, unify content formats, and enhance overall quality.

With an ever-expanding library of content, students also wanted the ability to search videos and slides for specific topics or terminology.

The Solution

The Institute decided that Panopto would best serve their needs as a video management system that offered swift, intuitive, and uniform editing across all video formats whilst also providing a structured and searchable library for students to navigate efficiently.

“Panopto is a very flexible solution, and I think we at the Institute have proven that it can span a variety of use cases.”

Elspeth Hennessy, Senior Manager for Digital Services, The Irish Tax Institute

The Impact

“Panopto’s platform and features cater to those who are busy and want to consume content in a piecemeal fashion, and those who want to spend a few hours to absorb every piece of content,” says Shane O’Brien, Senior Tax Manager in charge of Education Delivery. “It’s clear where to find specific materials or terms, so students are never delayed or put off by strenuous searches through a four-hour lecture, as was previously the case.”

O’Brien also notes that Panopto’s discussion box enhanced engagement and interactivity for students hesitant to pose questions on camera during streamed lectures. Supplementing prerecorded content with quizzing features also helped the Institute provide the formative assessment integral to their learning model.

When COVID-19 restrictions prevented live classroom settings, the Irish Tax Institute ensured that students could maintain an equivalent level of interactivity and involvement in the community by quickly transitioning to Zoom webinars and making the recordings available for search and discovery on Panopto.

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