Capturing, Maintaining, and Sharing Unique Institutional Knowledge


Secured Complex Technical Knowledge from Retiring Staff

Increase in Content Training with Panopto Implementation

Adopted a Flipped Onboarding Model for New Employees

The Challenge

The ROCKWOOL Group is a leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation offering a full range of high-performing and sustainable insulation products. ROCKWOOL is a highly technical company that offers rigorous training to their engineers and technicians.

“We needed to find a way to capture valuable knowledge and secure it for posterity,” says Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager in the Process Department of Group Technology.

“Many of our competent engineers, who knew our products and machines by heart, were getting closer to retirement age. We had insufficient documentation on the interaction between equipment and processes. What we work with is complex – highly complex. There are so many parameters influencing the production of stone wool fibres. We had to figure out how to show something very technical in an illustrative way.

The Solution

Rather than having experts write down all of their industry knowledge, ROCKWOOL encouraged them to talk about it on video, which they were very willing to do. The organization used Panopto to capture the unique knowledge of employees and upload it to a searchable video library. By preserving this information, institutional knowledge no longer resides only in the minds of certain employees, but is also accessible via ROCKWOOL’s secure internal video library.

Today, ROCKWOOL uses Panopto to onboard new employees, train technicians and engineers in complex machinery maintenance with multiple video inputs, live stream organizational updates, and transform Microsoft Teams meetings into searchable assets.

“When we discovered Panopto, we thought ‘wow’! This is exactly what we need. We were thrilled.”

Mogens Heine Larsen, Department Manager in the Process Department of Group Technology, ROCKWOOL Group Operations & Technology Unit

The Impact

As the industry grows and the company hires many new employees, robust training has become increasingly important. ROCKWOOL uses Panopto to supplement courses that have a physical presence with a flipped training component.

“Employees should still have the opportunity to meet each other, see the factories, and to network,” says Birgitte Wilki, Administrative Coordinator at Group Technology. “But with Panopto, they have the option to prepare for a course in advance and thereby learn faster. Moreover, the ones who were not able to participate physically still have the opportunity to benefit from the courses.”

“Usage has simply exploded and Panopto is growing organically in ROCKWOOL because it is such an intelligent solution,” adds Larsen.

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