Scale virtual training for remote teams

Building resilience in the COVID-19 era
through online employee education

Maintaining a competitive advantage in the high-tech telecommunications industry is no easy feat in an “ordinary” year. Of course, 2020 was far from ordinary. SK Telecom was leading South Korea’s transition to the next generation of wireless network technology in early 2020 when the country experienced its first outbreak of COVID-19. Lockdowns and rigid social distancing measures presented company leaders with both a challenge and an opportunity — adapt their organization for remote work while producing innovation capable of meeting South Korea’s rapidly changing telecommunications needs.

Video Training Unlocked

The Challenge

Though the majority of employee training was conducted in-person, SK Telecom also provided video-based training through the T Learning Portal – SK Telecom’s proprietary learning management system (LMS).

The company’s leaders believed that frictionless access to on-demand video training would improve organizational learning by empowering employees to learn at their own pace, at any time, from any location. However, the legacy technology that supported video learning within the T Learning Portal had become obsolete.

Live streaming on mobile or desktop

The Solution

The team compared several leading video solutions and decided that Panopto was the ideal platform and partner. Leaders at SK Telecom believed Panopto was more than just a solution for streaming video; it offered an all-inclusive cloud-based video platform that would bring essential learning technologies ( and screen recording, video editing, and video search) into their LMS, creating an adaptive online learning experience.

The Impact

SK Telecom’s vast library of online learning resources complemented its extensive offering of face-to-face training programs. When COVID-19 began spreading throughout South Korea in early 2020, CCG moved quickly to bring the company’s offline training programs online.

“Since COVID-19 prevented us from training employees in a classroom, we used Panopto to deliver employee training online in both live and on-demand formats. Panopto was essential in helping us adapt employee education for remote work,” said Jeong-min Seo, Manager of the Competency Culture Group.

“Because of COVID-19, we were able to use Panopto more extensively to expand employee training and development. SK Telecom employees now watch more than 100 hours of video a day on average, with a total viewing time that's 50-times greater than the hours of video we've recorded.”

Jeong-min Seo, Manager of the Competency Culture Group, SK Telecom
Search spoken words and text on screen in Zoom recordings with Panopto

Preparing for the Future of Work

Today, with nearly 5,000 videos in its library, CCG is using Panopto to share formal video training content, ICT industry trends, and employee-generated video tutorials within the T Learning Portal. Leaders believe that online learning will become even more instrumental in employee development and they are already preparing for the future.

“Our employees are discovering that real-time video conferencing tools aren’t always the best substitute for face-to-face collaboration. We need more flexible video communication and collaboration solutions to stay productive and focused on our work. And thanks to Panopto, we can collaborate and exchange ideas just as effectively through asynchronous video, without disrupting our flow of work,” said Jeong-min Seo.

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