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6 ways NYSE Euronext Uses Panopto to Improve its Business, Part 3

This is the third of 3 posts detailing NYSE Euronext’s adoption of Panopto to record and manage video for product demonstrations, training, and corporate communication:

1.     Empowering Product Managers at NYSE Technologies
2.     Online Training and Integrating a Global Workforce
3.     Recording WebEx Meetings and Executive Communication

Recording WebEx meetings

The rapid growth of Panopto’s popularity within the NYSE Technologies division has led Vice President Michael Wanderer and his team to expand the scope of their Panopto use to include a number of new projects.

Business Analyst Erin O’Connor, who manages NYSE Euronext’s Panopto installation, recently made her first Panopto recording of a WebEx meeting. It was a vendor demonstration for a group of NYSE Technologies staff, but a few key people were unable to attend and specifically requested a Panopto recording. “I was really pleased with how easy it was to record a WebEx broadcast, and I was impressed by the quality of the recording,” O’Connor said. “So were the colleagues who made the request.” By recording WebEx and GoToMeeting web conferences with Panopto, NYSE Euronext employees get a searchable recording of the proceedings, captured in high definition. The Panopto recording is automatically uploaded to the NYSE Euronext library for on-demand viewing.

Reports from the Chief Officers

CEO Stanley Young personally uses Panopto as well. He records a CEO message for his division’s monthly online newsletter, and he webcasts a quarterly report with NYSE Technologies’ CFO, Ben Chrnelich. The monthly newsletter is a mixture of commentary about the events of the past month and the ongoing business ahead. Young embeds a Panopto link in each email newsletter with a 4-5 minute video of him discussing the newsletter content or any other issues he’d like to bring to the attention of his employees. As O’Connor points out, the video address is not only a more personalized and effective way for Young to engage the workforce, but it also served as an excellent way to introduce Panopto broadly to the employees of NYSE Technologies.

The Chief Officers’ quarterly webcast usually includes a third presenter and generally runs an hour long. By recording the webcast with Panopto, people can watch the program anywhere at their leisure. “For employees in Asia-Pac, using Panopto to record the quarterly report has been huge,” says O’Connor. “Information Security is rigorous at NYSE Euronext. Prior to our adopting Panopto, distributing an hour long video file was unbelievably difficult. We had to upload files to an FTP client and then coordinate secure access across multiple intranets, which nearly always presented a host of problems. It was a real disincentive to collaborate.”

With Panopto, users in any NYSE Euronext office around the world can login from their laptops or mobile phones and watch recordings instantly, the moment they are uploaded. And Panopto’s adaptive streaming technology ensures a smooth playback experience, regardless of the viewer’s network conditions. “It’s instant. It’s Webready. It’s simply perfect for our counterparts around the world,” contends O’Connor.

The Future

Expanding use throughout the company Stanley Young, Michael Wanderer, and Erin O’Connor all agree that Panopto has had an impressive first year at NYSE Euronext. Beyond the distribution of the monthly newsletter, O’Connor’s team never really promoted Panopto within the company. Its adoption has been rapid and completely organic. And O’Connor sees the unmistakable signs of an even wider expansion of Panopto within NYSE Euronext in the future. She currently has 750 registered Panopto users on her rolls, but notes that there are only 500 employees in the NYSE Technologies division. Some 250 NYSE Euronext employees from other divisions, other offices, and other countries are learning about Panopto and demanding access.

NYSE Technologies now uses Panopto for capturing webcasts, delivering online training, creating product demonstrations, and corporate communication. And with 100 hours of newly recorded searchable content, they are well on their way to creating a powerful corporate video library.

“This began as a relatively small effort and has just taken on a life of its own,” reflects O’Connor. “I get emails literally every day from people whose names I don’t recognize from other areas of the business asking for Panopto accounts. At the end of the day, nobody wants to read through long emails or dense policy. They prefer to have it said to them wherever possible. And because our recordings are all searchable, we’re giving them exactly the information they need. It’s proving to be incredibly effective.”