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Empowering The Modern Workforce: A Deep Dive into Just-In-Time Training with Video

Empowering The Modern Workforce: A Deep Dive into Just-In-Time Training with Video


Traditional training methods may be missing the mark in today’s fast-paced business world. A recent industry report revealed that 65% of employees either need more time or that the training doesn’t match their role, leading to gaps in their skill sets.


If your training isn’t hitting the mark, it’s time for a change.


Enter Just-In-Time (JIT) training, a revolutionary approach that’s transforming how businesses educate and empower their teams. Read on to discover how this dynamic approach not only addresses immediate training needs but also ensures that every team member is on the same page, equipped with the right skills, exactly when they need them.

What is Just-In-Time Training?


JIT training isn’t just another buzzword but a significant shift away from traditional training methods. Instead of a one-size-fits-all, information-heavy approach, JIT delivers specific, relevant content precisely when needed. JIT training ensures precision, timeliness, and efficiency.

Why Video is JIT’s Best Friend




1. Instant Engagement and Retention:

With video, training becomes a visual story, capturing attention and ensuring the message sticks. According to Forbes, The Research Institute of America concluded that e-learning boosts retention rates by 25 to 60 percent, compared to retention rates of 8 to 10 percent with traditional training.

2. On-Demand Learning:

Platforms like Panopto ensure that employees can access videos anytime, anywhere. Whether an employee is in the office, at home, or on the move, JIT training videos are just a click away. This on-demand accessibility ensures that training can fit seamlessly into diverse schedules and needs.

3. Consistency Across the Board: 

With video, every team member, regardless of their location or time zone, receives the same high-quality training. Consistent training ensures a uniform understanding and application of skills across your organization.


Making JIT Training with Video a Reality at Your Organization:

American 1 Credit Union used Panopto to implement JIT at their organization, resulting in expedited training and saving them hundreds of hours. Are you ready to transform your training approach? Here’s a roadmap:

1. Identify Immediate Needs: 

Begin by evaluating the current training modules. Are there frequent questions that arise post-training? Are there specific areas where employees consistently seek more information? Identifying these gaps will guide the creation of JIT video content that addresses immediate needs.


2. Curate Relevant Content


Not all training content will be suitable for JIT. For best results, focus on more urgent topics that can be effectively conveyed through video. Possible topics include software walkthroughs, product demonstrations, or quick problem-solving techniques.

3. Optimize Accessibility:

Platforms like Panopto offer a seamless experience for hosting and accessing training videos. Whether employees are working remotely or on-the-go, they should have easy access to training content.

4. Promote a Culture of Continuous Learning: 

Encourage employees to take charge of their learning. Promote the benefits of JIT training and ensure they know where to access the resources. One way to do this is by highlighting success stories within your organization where JIT made a tangible difference.

5. Gather Feedback and Iterate: 

As with any training method, gathering feedback is essential to ongoing success. The business world is dynamic, and your training approach should keep pace. Regularly solicit feedback from employees and use this to refine content to ensure that training remains relevant and impactful.

The Future of Smarter Training:

In a nutshell, JIT training, when powered by video, isn’t just a training methodology; it’s a movement towards a more nimble, informed, and empowered workforce. Embracing it could mean the difference between merely keeping up and getting ahead.





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