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At SEGi University, a publicly-traded, private university headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the adoption of Panopto has provided benefits beyond access to material and cost savings. Currently, 14 of SEGi’s degree programmes use the technology, with an additional 17 to be added by the end of 2013. Through these programmes, Panopto is used in a variety of ways that showcase the software’s broad device interoperability and a variety of use cases for both faculty and students.

• Presentation recording + slides

Professors are using Panopto to capture their presentations – including slide decks and smartboards – so that the lessons shared can be stored online and searched for key concepts.

• Sharing practical sessions (Faculty of Medicine)

In SEGi’s medical courses, hands-on clinical simulations and training is revisited and shared across six campuses, allowing for more cost-effective presentations by medical professionals.

• Lecture preview – the “Flipped Classroom” model

Students previewing lecture material online has created more opportunities for interaction during class time – more discussion and Q&A sessions – and that the combination of video and audio makes learning easier for those who are visual or aural learners.

• Video tutorials

The E-Learning team uses Panopto for remote software tutorials, which provide step-by-step video instruction for faculty who wish to learn (and review) new technology.

• Special events

SEGi’s uses of Panopto aren’t limited to its degree programs, though; they’re using the software to webcast guest speakers and other events live to the university community. Check out our latest case study to learn more.