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Capturing 400 Student Presentations — In Just 48 Hours

“The vision for the class actually stemmed from a curriculum review,” recounted Cameron Morrell, an instructor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

“We heard from the industry that our students are incredibly intelligent — but they needed to learn how to be better presenters.”

To meet that challenge, Morrell knew the university couldn’t merely assign students a few extra presentations. To build those skills, the school needed to create a brand new course — one that would be devoted entirely to actually improving the way students communicate, particularly during that seminal challenge for any executive: the business presentation.

Concept in hand, Morrell came to the Sauder School of Business’s Learning Services team, partnering with Director Rob Peregoodoff and Faculty Liaison Jamie Stockdale, to find a way to bring the vision to life.

Right from the beginning, the three agreed that the traditional lecture format alone wouldn’t be up to the task. To become better presenters, students needed more than just information about how to best communicate — they needed experience putting that expertise into practice.

Live practice, though, would be just the beginning. In order for students to review and learn from past performances, recording each presentation would be essential to the class.

Unfortunately, the solution wouldn’t be as simple as setting up a camcorder or two. With a projected 400 participants and a finite number of classroom hours available, a standard video setup would have limited Morrell to recording just one presentation per student.

ICON - Sauder Biz School at UBC - Panopto Video Platform Case StudyThat wouldn’t be nearly enough to help students actually improve.

So when the team discovered Panopto — and saw the video platform could easily record 400 presentations or more each week — their hopes were understandably high.

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