Case Study: A Fast-Growing Analytics Company Solves 3 Challenges to Growth — With Video

The promise of “Big Data” is in helping organizations to identify and understand the important details in a sea of information. Today, this fast-growing analytics and business intelligence software company builds data visualization software solutions designed to enable users to create rich analyses of their own Big Data, and to share insights with others instantly.

ICON CTA - Fast Growing Tech Company - Panopto Video Platform Case StudyIts solutions simplify complex data analysis and enable customers to put industry-leading research capabilities in the hands of every member of their teams, eliminating the need to rely on specialists or canned report templates to make sense of big data. In the world of data analysis, the company has built a better mousetrap. And now they’re experiencing the exponential growth to prove it.

Providing Complex Technical Training — While Growing Exponentially

It takes some pretty sophisticated software to make big data come alive in dashboards, charts, maps, graphs, and more, all at the click of a mouse — especially when it is all designed to work as easily as these do. Indeed, the company’s team of developers rivals any for technical aptitude. But that genius, in turn, left senior leaders with one big question to answer:

How to ensure a brilliant team of experienced developers always knows every aspect of the company’s product architecture in full detail — even as the product suite and the development team both rapidly expand?

Find The Answer To That Question — In Our Newest Case Study!
See how this cutting edge organization found a single solution to three common challenges to growth — by finding a technology that enabled visual data to meet visual training. Download your copy of our newest case study today!

Published: November 06, 2014

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