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Creating Compelling Content — for Internal Audiences

Tableau Software helps people create visual analytics so they can better see and understand their data. Fresh off a recent IPO and experiencing rapid growth, Tableau knows a thing or two about producing, managing, and sharing content internally to inform and train an expanding organization.

Which is why we were excited to see Tableau share its strategy for creating and managing compelling and useful internal-facing content during a recent talk.

Tableau curates a host of valuable information and ideas through it’s internal wikis, data dashboards, and videos. See how they do it, in Tableau’s SlideShare presentation, Content Strategy: Creating Compelling Content for Internal Audiences.

Content Strategy: Creating Compelling Content for Internal Audiences from KMDesigns


How Video Helps Create Valuable Content for Your Internal Audience

As organizations search for better ways to cultivate and share internal knowledge and best practices, we’re excited that forward-looking companies like Tableau have recognized video as a valuable tool for presenting essential information.

As video makes its way from the realm of the AV specialists onto every employee’s laptop and smartphone, it’s now easier than ever for teams to use video to create valuable internal-facing content. Video allows your team to create that information faster than they’d be able to type it up, in a visual format that’s more engaging than static text.

Here are just a few of the ways companies have begun to use video as a tool to create valuable content for internal audiences:

  • Reviews and demonstrations from product owners and developers. Who better to teach your team about product features than the people involved in its development? Each time you update or launch a product, have your product owners and developers record a video explaining what’s new, why they did it, and exactly how it works. Your customer service teams and sales reps will thank you.

  • Strategies and announcements from management. For your team to succeed, everyone needs to be on the same page, working toward the same goal. Your managers are likely already communicating goals on a regular basis. Recording video of themselves presenting those goals and supporting strategies and tactics makes that message more engaging for employees, and easier to share when new people come aboard.

  • Social learning and idea sharing from peers. Every organization has unique systems, processes, and policies that take a little time to learn. Asking veteran employees to record video of best practices for getting the most out of your internal tools and policies is a great way to help new employees get up to speed — and other experienced employees to become even more productive.

Panopto’s video platform makes recording, managing, and sharing video easy — so your team can share all their important ideas and information internally. Want to see how Panopto can help you create compelling, valuable content for your teams? Give Panopto a try for free today.