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Does Video Enhance the Learning Experience?

Do flipped classrooms really work? And what about lecture capture? Does video really make a difference in and outside the classroom?

In a word: yes!

We’ve collected data to from nine universities around the world to show how video enhancing student learning experience. Take a look in our new SlideShare presentation:

What does the data say?

Well for starters, students with access to lecture capture video already rely on the technology for reviewing difficult concepts and studying for exams.

And while students note that lecture video is a handy fallback in the case of a missed class, having the video available doesn’t negatively impact attendance. In fact, some students report an increase in attendance for courses that include the use of lecture capture.

Across a number of schools, more than 9 in 10 students indicate that video was a valuable addition to their learning experience, and once they’ve taken a lecture capture-enabled class, 85% indicate that the availability of lecture capture will impact which courses they take in the future.

Best of all, video in the classroom improves student performance. Among the notable statistics, Winston-Salem State saw exam scores rise and failure rates drop, and the University of Windsor saw at 15% improvement in exam scores – just between the 1st and 2nd exams!

Video is helping improve the way students learn. Don’t wait to bring video to your school – sign up for a free trial of Panopto today.