Flexible Lecture Capture with Amazing Support: Why The Wharton School Switched to Panopto

Wharton_undergraduate_students_in_cohortsWhen The Wharton School opened Jon M. Huntsman Hall on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in the summer of 2002, they unveiled a building that had been designed to deliver a truly modern learning experience. Among the many new learning technologies the school would support was state-of-the-art lecture capture, with video-enabled lecture halls that could record and share the classes taught by Wharton’s world-class faculty.

Yet even as the building began hosting its first classes, Wharton’s faculty and learning technology staff continued to identify new and greater opportunities to utilize technology to enhance their students’ learning experiences — and in the process, quickly began discovering limitations in their once best-in-class video solution.

Over the following several semesters, the Wharton team continued to push both themselves and their lecture capture vendors to fully support the school’s goal to provide comprehensive modern lecture recording capabilities — but time and again found the features they wanted simply weren’t available, and the support they needed couldn’t be found.

ICON---The-Wharton-School-of-the-University-of-PennsylvaniaFinally, in 2013, Wharton found a partner in Panopto, an all-in-one software-based video platform. Panopto made capturing, managing, and delivering video at Wharton both more flexible and less expensive — and the Panopto support team continues to work closely with Wharton to help the institution continue to provide a world-class learning environment.

To learn more about how the nation’s premier business school upgraded to a video content management system that expanded and unified its lecture capture and flipped classroom capabilities, download your free copy of our case study today.

Published: July 14, 2015

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