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Got Conferences? Do What Siemens Did: Get Panopto

With a major international conference approaching, Siemens faced a common challenge: how to capture and preserve those valuable presentations in a manner that would be timely, cost-effective, and not least of all useful for the significant part of the company’s worldwide audience that wouldn’t be able to attend in person.

Here’s how we described the challenge in the case study we published recently:

“Past experience proved this was no small problem. The traditional event recording process presented a number of problems, chiefly:

  • Expensive personnel and equipment. Event planners had to budget for professional AV consultants and videographers as well as numerous microphones, camcorders and other expensive hardware.
  • Complex, labor-intensive execution. Even the professional AV consultants sometimes struggled with capturing multiple concurrent sessions—and with adhering to tight schedules. Equipment setup was time-consuming, as was the process of uploading the videos into the editing software after they were recorded.
  • Slow delivery of final product. Once captured, videos still had to undergo multiple rounds of lengthy post-production editing before they could be seen or shared.


Due to these persistent problems, Siemens’ conference planners forecast that recreating their conference digitally would take 200 hours of work, and wouldn’t be ready for 30 to 45 days after the event.

And so, the team decided to try something different this time.

They used Panopto instead.

To find out how we helped Siemens overcome these challenges (and in record time), check out our case study, or just give us a call at 855.PANOPTO.