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Do Your Trainers Certify Training Compliance? Should They?

In many industries, employee training is more than just a task undertaken to ensure employees understand company policies. Rather, the skills a worker is expected to learn could very well mean the difference between life and death, and millions of dollars worth of litigation.

In demanding fields like manufacturing or energy production, having a capable workforce is everything. A momentary lapse in attention or judgement may be enough to transform a safe job site into a serious hazard. When high-voltage, heavy equipment or potentially harmful materials are at hand, operators and owners need to be assured that the people on-site know what they’re doing.

When Safety and Compliance Training Are Essential

Ensuring new hires are onboarded properly and that experienced employees keep their skills fresh is a key concern for training professionals. While every incident may be avoidable, smart organizations understand that perfection isn’t a business plan and that inevitably something can and will go wrong. When incidents do happen — and especially when lawyers begin to call — companies need to be able to prove inadequate training wasn’t the cause.

Organizations have long looked to attendance sheets and in-class testing to prove that an employee received proper training, but these tools aren’t without their flaws. Attendance sheets may be overlooked or incorrectly completed, and even when done well may be lost to incorrect filing. And no classroom test can hope to fully and accurately replicate the real-world experience of operating today’s production machinery.

Using Video Technology to Teach — And Document What’s Been Learned

For better results, today many organizations have turned to video. No longer the domain of AV specialists and impossibly expensive hardware, modern, flexible video technology is making its way to construction trailers, offshore rigs, support vessels, and almost everywhere else manufacturing and production concerns may reach.

And the shift isn’t just limited to employees watching training videos to acquire new knowledge and skills before getting to work. Today, employers are turning the cameras around to document that training and ensure that nothing gets missed.



Enterprise video platforms help professional trainers capture video, whether in the classroom or on the drill floor. Shooting with a GoPro, smartphone, webcam, security camera — even many video sources all at once — trainers can proctor their training sessions from wherever they are, even if an internet connection isn’t available. Cloud-based video storage and video editing tools that are accessible from a standard web browser keep multinational teams connected and communicating. In the background, video communication and documentation gives compliance departments the assurances they need that their contractors and employees are operating within regulatory bounds.

Video Preserves The Expertise of Veteran Employees

ICON thumb - CTA - How Modern Manufacturers Are Putting Video To WorkICON - CTA - How Today’s Energy Companies Use Video - Panopto Video PlatformTraining compliance becomes especially important in an era when so much of the skilled workforce is on the brink of retirement. Not only do companies need to certify that their employees and contractors have been adequately trained, but they need to do it with ever greater speed and efficiency, to fill critical workforce gaps.

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