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How Lawyers Are Using Video to Share Knowledge Throughout Their Firms

Library - Panopto Video PlatformIn an industry where firms trade on their reputations, being recognized as the expert in a given subject creates a competitive advantage like no other. But practice specialization can create a crisis-in-waiting — employing the best minds in the field may help a firm secure more business today, but what happens when that expert leaves the firm?

Most firms with a practice specialty take care to include in their ranks a junior team member who can serve as protégé to their expert. Still, such a relationship doesn’t always guarantee an expert-in-waiting — many subjects are too complicated to learn by watching over someone else’s shoulder. In the legal industry especially, many subject areas are fraught with complexity — vague laws, contradictory precedent, and rapidly evolving real-world applications are just a few of the sources that generate the detailed nuances that great legal teams use to win cases and claims.

Often legal teams will pass on this level of insight informally through simple conversation. But when this is the case, such wisdom is often easily lost — unrecorded and inaccessible unless perfectly memorized when heard.

Video offers a better option to helping firms capture, preserve, and share the expertise that they depend on to establish their reputations as the best minds in the business.


With video, specialists can record their insights for later reference — often without even adding any steps to their normal workflow. Simply by recording training sessions, strategy meetings, document reviews, and other points where experts commonly share their knowledge they can easily record all the insights they use in their work, and make them all searchable and shareable as part of the firm’s central video library — ready for the next generation of in-house experts to learn from.

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