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How Panopto Impacted My Life As A College Student

We all have our own college stories to tell.  The fun, the new experiences, the challenges overcome.

As a team committed to delivering technology that helps people learn, we’re always excited when one of our own has a compelling story about how Panopto enabled them to learn and made a difference in their life. Enabling education equity and the student experience are central to Panopto’s mission–it’s why we continually push ourselves to deliver the best.

Katelyn Fischer, a former student at the University of Washington, has told her story about how Panopto made her college possible. Juggling a challenging course load, commuting to campus, a fast-paced job, and an injury, Katelyn explains why “Panopto was my lifeblood for keeping up with my classes.”

The best part? Katelyn felt so passionate about Panopto’s impact on her college experience that she interviewed and joined the company after graduation so that she could help evangelize Panopto.

Katelyn tells the full story about how Panopto impacted her experience as a college student in this student case study.   Have a read today and contact us if you’d like to learn more.