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“I’d Sign a Petition to Have My Other Classes Use Panopto”


We use these pages often to make the case for video in the classroom.

At its heart, classroom video is a tool for students — whether it’s by providing a more complete reference for study, a fallback for days where attendance isn’t possible, a means by which instructors can make classroom discussions more engaging and assignments more interactive, or simply a more flexible overall learning environment.

That’s why so often we highlight students’ views on classroom video — from its impact on attendance and results, its value as a study aid, its popularity around exams, its benefits in new pedagogies like the flipped classroom, to even the expectations students have for the technology.

And today, it’s why we’re especially happy to share this recording from Pennsylvania’s Haverford College, featuring three students sharing in their own words the details of what they like about lecture capture.



This video was shared with us by the Haverford College Instructional & Information Technology Services team, as part of its T.I.P. Technology, Innovation, and Pedagogy video series.

We are of course thrilled to hear about the experiences of these three students who are taking classes that include Panopto for lecture capture, and the positive difference video has meant for their educations.

And to Mr. Harris, Haverford College Class of 2019 — if you ever do start that petition, let us know. We’d love to add our names.