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Increasing Lecture Capture Adoption Is Driving More Blended Learning On Campus

Campus Technology recently published the results from its annual Teaching With Technology Survey, in which it asks college faculty across the US to share their experiences and perspectives as they pertain to the use of technology in the classroom.

Overall perspectives on instructional tech remained unchanged from 2016 to 2017, with more than 80% of respondents reporting they believe technology has a positive impact on higher education, and on their abilities to teach. Similarly, most faculty reported that edtech has a positive impact on student learning.

What has changed over the past year is the continued adoption of online and blended learning environments in campus classrooms. Traditional face-to-face teaching that does not incorporate any elements of online learning is dwindling.

More Faculty Are Using Blended Learning In Their Classrooms

In 2016, nearly one in five courses were still exclusively face-to-face. Fast-forward a year and exclusive face-to-face learning is down to 15 percent. By contrast, blended learning now makes up nearly three-quarters of all courses.

Blended Learning On The Rise

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The flipped classroom pedagogy, in particular, is being used more on college campuses. According to the survey, 61% of respondents said some or all of their classes were flipped (up from 55% in 2016).

Advocates of the flipped classroom contend that putting lecture videos online and bringing active learning into classrooms allows students to engage with course content in more creative and productive ways. One anonymous respondent to the Teaching With Technology survey asserted that technology is making it easier to create digital course content, paving the way for new pedagogies, like the flipped classroom, that are more likely to increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes.

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Lecture Capture Software Usage Still Rising

This year’s survey showed that more and more faculty are using lecture capture software to support a changing mix of course content delivery methods. 71% of faculty reported that they are currently using lecture capture software in their classrooms, compared to 67% in 2016.

Lecture Capture Adoption Increasing

Not surprisingly, the use of lecture capture software and the prevalence of online learning in college classes have increased at about the same rate from last year (4% and 5% respectively).  Video capture technologies continue to make it easier to create engaging online course content. By putting the tools that remove the barriers to creating digital content in the hands of faculty, it follows that there will be an increase in blended and online learning methods used in college classrooms.

Read the full 2017 Teaching With Technology report in Campus Technology.

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