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"One of Those Teaching Tools That Once You Have, You Can't Live Without"

Wichita State University has been using Panopto since back in 2010, when adjunct lecturer Corey Ray sought out a solution to create a “virtual orientation” for his students each new semester.

Impressed with Panopto’s ease and flexibility as a recording tool, Ray quickly found new uses for the technology — recording 10-25 minute “lecture snippets” to provide further explanation on select lecture content, as well as offering guidance on course materials recorded with a simple webcam.

Ray has even found uses for video with his colleagues. In his role as manager of eLearning support, his team utilizes Panopto for FAQs and video demonstrations.

Wichita State Takes Video Campus-Wide

Lecture recording with Panopto has been adopted into Wichita State’s classrooms with great fluidity. Its indisputable benefits, WSU’s faculty say, make the technology a staple feature of the university’s long-term education deployment model.

The uptake has been remarkable — in just the 10 months after the university rolled out Panopto, more than a third of the university’s staff and students had already used the platform, collectively watching almost 400,000 minutes of video.Some of the highest usage was seen in the College of Health Professions and in the College of Engineering, including a class taught by the CIO.

Wichita State quote on Panopto - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Those numbers have only grown as the university continues to promote Panopto to faculty directly through training sessions and campus marketing as well as indirectly through its use as video demonstrations in its FAQ’s for all e-learning services. “From an administrator’s perspective,” reports the school, “Panopto is a teaching tool that you can demonstrate, discuss pedagogical applications, and train users in under an hour.”

The university is also seeing increased use from its technical departments, including its School of Engineering, where the technology is used in conjunction with tablets to demonstrate workflows and design processes.

Wichita State University case study icon - Panopto VCMSAlong with flexible options for recording video, Wichita State has found real value in Panopto’s video content management system. Panopto allows WSU to quickly upload existing video content to a centralized video library. Once uploaded, Panopto automatically indexes the actual contents of each and every recording, enabling students and faculty to search across the school’s entire library for any word spoken and any word that appears on screen in any video, then instantly fast-forward to that exact, relevant moment.

Panopto’s Blackboard building block integration is another useful feature for Wichita State, enabling the university to manage users and roles without having to provision them to more than one folder.

Reports Ray, “The real secret of Panopto is its merging of simple interface with the options for advanced users. Other solutions I have used struggle to find that happy medium. Panopto seems to have taken great effort to recognize both the average and the advanced user in its interface and management”

Learn more! To see how Wichita State uses Panopto for a flexible lecture capture and management solution, download our case study today.