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Newcastle University records 10,000 lectures in four months using Panopto

Congratulations to our friends at Newcastle University who, in just four months, have recorded an impressive 10,000 lectures using Panopto!

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, one of the oldest university cities in the United Kingdom, Newcastle University is known globally for its excellence in research, and was recently named the 17th best in the United Kingdom by the Sunday Times.[1] Since September 2012, the university has been using a Panopto-powered lecture capture system to record live lectures, additional course material, conferences, and public events campus-wide. Choosing Panopto’s software-based architecture has allowed Newcastle University to quickly achieve scale by eliminating the need to purchase dedicated capture hardware for each room, and enabling all staff members to create recordings from their own laptops.

Students at Newcastle University have responded very positively to the use of lecture capture. During a recent survey at Newcastle University, 90% of respondents indicated that their lecture capture system has been “useful” or “very useful” in their studies.[2]

Congratulations again to Newcastle University on their success!

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[2] http://teaching.ncl.ac.uk/recap/staff.php