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Our Favorite Holiday How-To Videos of 2018

May your days be merry,

Your nights filled with cheer,

And the holidays productive,

With the tips you’ll find here.


How to Seal Your Holiday Envelopes with Sealing Wax

Sending out cards this year? Nahani will show you how to add some flair to your holiday envelopes with sealing wax.



How to Make Holiday Candles

Adding a little light to your holidays is easier than you think. Jonathan will walk you through how to make your own scented candles at home.



How to Make Gnome Ornaments

Add a little fun to your mantle, your tree, or anywhere else! Tommy will show you how to make gnome ornaments from the pinecones in your own backyard.



How to Make a Snowflake Garland

It’s a classic craft that’s great for kids. Dill and Raj will teach you how to make paper snowflakes for a festive garland.



Happy Holidays from Panopto!


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