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Panopto 4.1 Webinar – Overview and Demo

If you're looking to get an overview and demo of what's new in Panopto 4.1, then check out the webinar below. In this 30-minute pancast1, Dave Hannan and I walk through many of the new features in the 4.1 release, including:

  • Panopto Mobile – our forthcoming Panopto app for iPhones and iPads
  • Student recording, which allows students to record pancasts and send to their instructor for review
  • Multi-screen recording, which allows you to record screen capture video from multiple monitors
  • Activity logging, which provides administrators with a granular view of changes within the system
  • New LMS integration, enabling one-way single sign-on with Desire2Learn, Instructure, and Sakai
  • Playback speed control, which allows you to slow down and speed up playback of pancasts
  • Web page integration, which allows pancast creators to embed live web pages into a pancast
  • Improved Active Directory integration, enabling you to integrate AD with cloud-hosted Panopto
  • HDMI capture support, which provides recording support for Black Magic Intensity and AverMedia cards
  • New media formats – we now support import of MPEG2, GoToMeeting, and 3GP formats
  • Hotkey support – you can now record, pause, and stop using F8, F9, and F10 keys

Here's the pancast as seen in the full Panopto viewer, complete with table of contents and the ability to add notes:

Click the image above to see a pancast of what's new in Panopto 4.1

If you're an existing Panopto customer, thanks for the feedback that drove our 4.1 release. If you're not a Panopto customer, and you're looking for an easy-to-use, affordable lecture capture solution for your university, or you're in search of software that allows you to do enterprise screen recording, presentation capture, and live event streaming, contact us at [email protected] or 855-PANOPTO (855-726-6786).

-Ari Bixhorn

1Pancast /pan’-kast/
(n) The combination of video streams, audio, and screen capture integrated into a single viewing experience by Panopto software
(v) The act of creating a pancast